12 oktober 2015

Conquering Love

Often times – or so it seems
   circumstances may conspire
Or could it be a brilliant scheme
  by Our Creator to simply re-inspire?

Another Growth-Opportunity is being taught
   at present
or does this Lost-Cause (or so we thought)
   lie behind each of my new resentments?

For Crazy Love is juxtaposed
   by those - supposed
to turn the other cheek

Yet with arms by sides and eyes cast down 
  I’ve pushed aside the meek

Reaching towards a blessing are we
  who bear and grin it with
The Least of These

In these times of disrupt
   ask instead
whom do we lift-up?

So please don’t miss (and Ms and Mister too) dismiss 
 - His invitation to become
a fragrant offering to we who’ve come undone

Lets all – en mass - just drop the veil
   of Holier than Thou
Goodness, joy and encouragement should not be stale
   share it fresh - beginning now

As this our hearts desire will be:
  ≈Conquering Love... flows through you and me

Conquering Love (Philippians 4:11-13)

22 september 2014

Three C's of Camping - CampSunset Contest-submission

While stewarding a young family of four
 - Life Lessons by Camping we thought
By Sharing our THREE C’s of living outdoor
 - a mantra we repeat till it’s caught

… and winning Camp Sunset will confirm
    - even better life-hacks are still to be taught

We feel camping’s an extension of home
 - where hospitality stands out by design
Under my roof or amidst God’s Creation
 - lets ensure our time together’s sublime

By CONSTRUCTING a camp-site you endorse
 - to print and web-published acclaim
While CONSERVING earth’s natural resource
 - to ensure their future’s proclaimed
 - not a bet
We’ll remain joyfully CONTENTED
 - while feasting upon each delicious Sunset

04 september 2014

The Ingredients

As I share this love poem for The Bride and Groom... 

... let it be a prayer offering and confirmation for the eternal bonds have been spoken into existence today.

The inspirational verse from God's word for this poem comes out of:

Mathew 5:6    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.


Whilst romance draws us near
... and passions summon our heart's still farther

Today we witness
and celebrate
... a Love that glorifies
(besides The Bride)

Almighty God
... Our Father

For PaPa's hand
leads our walk
... each step in life IS numbered

Two lives
... presented

As a holy offering
... United

... The Embodiment of Christ-likeness and Holy Spirit Power

Two faithful shepherds
... stewarding lives

Immersion Experience
... as a calling

His promise is
... for joy complete

... like manna falling

For His plan to heal
... reconciles those
Whose out-streched arms ... pulls others close

The ingredients for Life Abundant:
To only name a few:

- Desiree Maxine

- Nicole Renee

- Natilee Juliette

- Sara Marilyn

and a son,
- Brian Ascher
... now too

These Families
- once shaken
... and yes, stirred

Are now Blended
- Perfectly

For Our Creator
- Whom We Faithfully Serve


Now as we raise our glasses in a toast for the Bride and Groom, I quote an amazing witness and Brother - Natchi Lazarus:

"Never forget that 50 percent of your wisdom comes from your spouse"

... pretty sure his wife told him that!

08 augustus 2014

Love Like Les

So much's been said
    of this well lived-out life
what I add here today
    ... seems only a trife

But better to speak
    of these truths
While we're able

By honoring HIS Humility
    we may increase its value!

a Yogi - an Artist
a Snowboarder (quite RAD)
    Head shakes at the memories of the mad skills of this Lad

a Coach - a Trainer
an Author - a Sk8r
    ... a GEEK

a Traveler - a Guide
    ... and a friend
Damn list'll get longer had you waited a week!!!

My Friendship with Les
    was True from the Start

... most impressive to me
from that Day One
 Weren't business deals or achievements won

... but His Presence and The Process of His Servant Heart

- its so rare when you meet someone who
- genuinely connects to the passion in you
- who's stoke lights even higher that fire anew
- when HIS Belief in YOUR Dream lifts The Hope in US too!

To each of us Les is either
- a Cousin
- a Nephew
- a Husband - Father
- a Son also GRAND!
.... so let's all live in tribute to this profound stand:

When You Love Like Les - It Is Really MORE

06/24/1983 to 06/14/2014

30 januari 2014


A Families woe's
 - if left untold
may claim a
strangle hold

So better we
 - whom do
take heed
Surrender our sorrow

 - to Thee

And in doing so
we lift-up
 - our love for
Jimmy Z

A Son
A Brother
An Uncle
 - a Friend
Pure Love for us
 - had he

Yes, us!
"The Least of These"

THIS Humble
Servant heart's desire

 - was to
simply please

A Contractor
A Carpenter
 - his business
was a ministry

Transformed houses
 - into homes
while impacting
 -  for The Throne
James did so!

He shared His
And Hope


Helpfuly led
any newcomer
  - still struggling
to cope

and like his smile
  -  bursting forth
You'd learn to work it
  - 'cause of your WORTH

His personal
(in us)
was such a Blessing

And finally a Waterman
 - who's stoke today we honor

Taken too soon
 - yes?
Nor should we question our Heavenly Father

A decision made
 - at The Lane
To paddle or to hitch?

This proud man
 - followed God's

perfect plan
 - and never considered which

For Surfers know
 - when pushed
Up His Leash
 - we must climb
And as we cling
 - to The Vine

Through our Strife
God's hand
 - lift us to

Eternal Life

So like James
We should
keep growing

In Christ likeness
 - as did he

And be certain

of your future
 - knowing

Jim has been
 - gracefully
set free

03 december 2013

lifted and gifted


lifted into new life
  Holy Spirit - dwells - in me
Earthly pulls causing strife
  died to self - now set free

he lifts my head
  I praise him for
and ask his will
   with knees on floor

Yahway proclaims - be about our Fathers business 
  outstretched arms towards the least of these
His strength perfects my obvious weakness
  when Spirit lead words that you place
    roll from my tongue to show your grace

from my heart
   a bridge you'll make
To my head
   this journey take
Ten Thousand turns around the Sun
  Now Christ in me - we love As One

11 oktober 2013

rep Heaven's Holy Harvest

Work place toil without God
Heavens Harvest

Till desert seasons
    reveal your role
as a Jr. Partner

Man's preparations, plans and purpose
    can not PROFIT
The One we forgo

Reconcile our bottom-line
    with God as CEO


Repatriate corporate identities
    to serve among the Least of These
acknowledge any insecurity
    can be re-shaped by Devine Trinity

Then boldly move into Authority
Humbly sharing your Testimony
and prayerfully lay hold of an Eternal Destiny


As we become the TRUTH we are taught
    Let our hearts seek as He first sought

And Presence The One
    doing as He'd done
By devoting our home-work-life ministry
    to Christ
- His Son

Let us rebuild the nations gone askew
    ... though the laborers in numbers are few

Exchange earthly ROI
    by accepting manna from on-high

and sowing services - practiced best
    every business venture re-purposed...

for Heaven's Holy Harvest