30 januari 2014


A Families woe's
 - if left untold
may claim a
strangle hold

So better we
 - whom do
take heed
Surrender our sorrow

 - to Thee

And in doing so
we lift-up
 - our love for
Jimmy Z

A Son
A Brother
An Uncle
 - a Friend
Pure Love for us
 - had he

Yes, us!
"The Least of These"

THIS Humble
Servant heart's desire

 - was to
simply please

A Contractor
A Carpenter
 - his business
was a ministry

Transformed houses
 - into homes
while impacting
 -  for The Throne
James did so!

He shared His
And Hope


Helpfuly led
any newcomer
  - still struggling
to cope

and like his smile
  -  bursting forth
You'd learn to work it
  - 'cause of your WORTH

His personal
(in us)
was such a Blessing

And finally a Waterman
 - who's stoke today we honor

Taken too soon
 - yes?
Nor should we question our Heavenly Father

A decision made
 - at The Lane
To paddle or to hitch?

This proud man
 - followed God's

perfect plan
 - and never considered which

For Surfers know
 - when pushed
Up His Leash
 - we must climb
And as we cling
 - to The Vine

Through our Strife
God's hand
 - lift us to

Eternal Life

So like James
We should
keep growing

In Christ likeness
 - as did he

And be certain

of your future
 - knowing

Jim has been
 - gracefully
set free

03 december 2013

lifted and gifted


lifted into new life
  Holy Spirit - dwells - in me
Earthly pulls causing strife
  died to self - now set free

he lifts my head
  I praise him for
and ask his will
   with knees on floor

Yahway proclaims - be about our Fathers business 
  outstretched arms towards the least of these
His strength perfects my obvious weakness
  when Spirit lead words that you place
    roll from my tongue to show your grace

from my heart
   a bridge you'll make
To my head
   this journey take
Ten Thousand turns around the Sun
  Now Christ in me - we love As One

11 oktober 2013

rep Heaven's Holy Harvest

Work place toil without God
Heavens Harvest

Till desert seasons
    reveal your role
as Junior Partner

Man's partners, plans and purpose
    can not PROFIT
The One we forgo

Reconcile our bottom-line
    with God as CEO


Repatriate corporate identities
    to serve the Least of These
acknowledge any insecurity
    can be re-shaped by The Devine Trinity

Then boldly move into Authority
by humbly sharing your Testimony
and prayerfully laying hold of Eternal Destiny


As we become the TRUTH we are taught
    Let our hearts seek as He sought

And Presence The One
    doing as He'd done
By devoting our home-work-life ministry
    to Christ - His Son

Let us rebuild the nations gone askew
    ... though the laborers in numbers are few

Exchange earthly ROI
    by accepting manna from on-high

and sowing services - practiced best
    every business venture re-purposed
for Heaven's Holy Harvest

22 juni 2013

Ralph Steinlein Tribute

What is true in this life
- yes, we are promised strife...

Witness to - his brief - walk on earth
- to these words - today - lets each give birth
Like lyrics to sing
- to Ralph - my brother
- now running heavens wing

First, Props to His Parents:
Oom Hans much more than a dad
- my first coach
- a life mentor
- mad skills that man had!!!
And Tante Doreen, a loving mother of four
- graciously welcomed my presence
- with each knock at her door
Ralph was more than a brother
- or cousin
- or a teammate playing his role

Practice weekdays
Then Quakes games
on Saturday night

Stopping and scoring
(both girls,
 and some goals)
He always had my back in a fight

I introduce Ralph
- to his bride number one
- and Jana gave us Matthew
- their first born son 

Soon our lives came unwound
- for no fault
- or known cost
So how sweet to reclaim
- a friendship once lost
- to take up again
- where last we'd left off

Not only TalkNsoccer
- we compared, just - how - tough
- to raise sons' n daughters'

We stopped allowing miles
- to stand in the way
- and amidst trials
TOGETHER we'd face
- all that God threw at us

It is - now - His will
- for us NOT
- to just get by

Remember lessons taught?
Or are you still asking why?

Because character
- isn't forged by strife
Your formed by what's caught
- during challenges in life 

So to The Timberwolves and us Lions
- in your pack or our den
- claim victory when
- we compete EVERY TIME
- to honor the memory
of Coach Steinlein

Now let's head back
- and step out on the pitch
- sweat
- spit
- dirt... and tears
- are all in the mix
And send balls heaven bound
... where Ralph roams the sticks 

04 januari 2013

True Freedoms Neighborhood

His Promise:
We'll DO even Greater than HE!?!
... to the lock shackled mind
      who've yet Eyes that can see
Untrustingly DOing
      when He'd rather we BE

... masks uncertain fear
Known by Spirit-Creator
      The I-AM Dwells HERE

Our Holy Land
Seventh Heaven
True Freedom's neighborhood
... entered joyously by children
     whom choose servitude

Faith in ACTION is trusting
Complete Acceptance bridges both:
The Maker and His Creation
... within thee - thy Holy Host

28 juni 2012

Saving His Best for Last

To be in-synch is to flow
      in His Word
Spirit led when I speak
      as a Witness to The World

Argue not of Origins
      if evolved from Primordial Ooze
Remain deeply devoted to The One
      Who's Will???
...  a decision we all eventually must choose

His die was set
Our image cast
      though by ink and metal altered
From sin - repent
      and still again I'll falter

Fear not of Death
      but widened distance
Of relationship diminished

Instead let us meditate
  ...  on a Promise to Celebrate
When at Last He proclaimed

It Is Finished

16 februari 2012


A Disciple now, awake each early mor'n
    for our hearts must seek Truth
To whom else can we turn?

Or else we earthbound
    reach for a loosed handle
And the world beat our dust
    off scarred up, worn out sandals

Daily we now surrender
    our will to You alone
Humble heart instead choosing
    to lean into the unknown

A simple act of faith
    in spite of fear, done today
We ascend into Chirst
    proof that You are The Way
To become an experience of God for God
    prayerfully we must strive
Gracefully accepting
    HIS predetermined life

Our God of second chances
    reconciles life anew
Rejoice my sisters' and brothers'
    Love Lives INSIDE of you